February 2020  
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These are just a few of the testimonies for what God is doing for our church during the campaign! To submit your testimony click here or email us directly at mail@churchofpentecost.org


Sis Julie Diakos:

"I have a testimony and wanted to share it.

"Bro Olson preached about pressing towards Gods future, he compelled us to sow a seed, he said, “Sow something, sow ANYTHING and God will bless it”. I only had a little money in my purse that night but I gave it, and continued to pray about the monthly pledge. God spoke to me an amount to give every payday… AFTER GIVING THAT AMOUNT ONE TIME, GOD CAME THROUGH FOR ME IN A HUGE WAY. Let me give you a little background.

"I had been petitioning the Lord about a job change where I could take better care of my home, family and be more involved in church. You see, at the hospital we are required to work weekends and because of this I have missed a lot of church services and A LOT OF CHURCH EVENTS.

"In the meantime, I had applied for an RN position with Community Hospice as I felt led this way…I had had 4 interviews with over 10 different nurse managers over the course of a few months but it seemed like the door just would not open….

"BUT after giving my FIRST monthly pledge, Community Hospice immediately contacted me with a job offer…with the hours I had prayed for, m-f 8-5 NO WEEKENDS…and with an increase in pay.

"MY SMALL SEED HAS EXPLODED, just like Bro Olson said it would! I am so thankful for Church of Pentecost, so thankful for Bro and Sis Olson and for their vision and most of all so thankful to be a part of it. I urge you, if you have not gotten involved in this, GET INVOLVED, God is moving in this…you don’t want to be left out."


Justin and Amanda Anderson gave their seed offering in the Commitment Service. That next week they received an unexpected check for double the amount of their seed offering! They gave half the amount they received and doubled their original seed offering!


Ted and Cyndi Carter made a commitment for a certain amount of money that they wanted to contribute to the building fund. They stepped out in faith and gave half of it in June. That month Bro. Carter received an unexpected jump in sales that covered the offering that they had given! As a result of the sales increase, he received a quarterly bonus on top! "Plan to give, and don't be afraid to give!" says Sis. Cyndi Carter.


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